Muddy Tots lessons are carefully planned session using various early years methods taken from all around the world including forest school, EYFs, Montessori, Emilia Reggio and STEM approach.

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Party Bookings

For those of you booked onto a party and are wanting to submit your consent form please copy and paste the form below and send to

Muddy Puddle Adventures

Mosborough Old Nursery




Consent Form
Name and Age of Child:


Mobile Number of Parent:


Email address of parent:


Name and Date of event or session:



I agree to my son/daughter receiving emergency medical treatment as considered necessary by the Forest School leaders. I will keep the staff informed of any changes in medical information.



I agree to my son/daughter being photographed to be put on to the muddy puddle social media site or website.



I agree that if I am late I will be refused entry to the session due to safety talks being presented at the initial stages. It would be unsafe for you to participate if you have not received all safety talks. A refund will not be given in this case.





I have read the emergency procedure that is on our website under bookings and that it is also displayed around camp in the woods. I am aware what to do if there was an emergency while I am in the woods.



I do understand/I do not understand


I am aware that Muddy Puddle Adventures encourage children to take supported risks as supported by the Forest Schools ethos. I am aware that tools and fires are only deemed appropriate to the learners as to help them take these types of supported risks and to learn from them. All necessary risk assessments will be in place prior to any supported risks being taken by the Forest School Leader.



I do understand/I do not understand


I am aware that I will have to come along to the session. I will listen to the safety talks given by the Forest School Leader throughout and that I will be responsible for ensuring my child follows these instructions.


I do

I do understand/I do not understand


I am aware that in the case of high winds, constant rain or of the Forest School Leader was ill, the session will be cancelled via text or email and this can be as late as a few hours before the event. Muddy Puddle Adventures will refund you if this happens or offer you a chance to join another event or take a gift voucher.




I under                  I understand/

I do not understand




Please sign and date here to accept that you have read and understood the information above:


Medical Information


Full Names of participating adults




Emergency contact details of anyone other than yourself, attending the session. Name and number.



Does your child have any individual or special needs you would like us to cater towards?



Does your child have any food allergies? We will be serving hot chocolate made with milk and marshmallows please state if your child also dislikes this we will provide alternatives.



Does your child have any medical needs we need to know about? Asthma or other?


Doctors name, address and phone number