Muddy Tots lessons are carefully planned session using various early years methods taken from all around the world including forest school, EYFs, Montessori, Emilia Reggio and STEM approach.

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The Muddy Puddle Parent



At Muddy Puddle Adventures we believe in supporting our Muddy Community not just on our sessions but throughout our Mini Puddlers early years and have them fully prepared for their start before school life.

The Muddy Puddle Parent is a supportive closed group with members all over the world aiding the way we think about at home nurturing.  All Muddy Puddle customers get into the group with no quibbles asked.  All ideas use our outdoor learning ethos and provide upcycled or natural resources to help with play ideas at home, in your garden and out and about.

On top of this, all parents who sign up to our weekly muddy tots sessions are given a Muddy Parent Pack on arrival which includes activities and home learning ideas to do at home with your mini muddy puddlers all linked to the topic you do in that terms sessions.  And of course is all outdoors and lots of fun!

I asked parents on our site to give three words that described The Muddy Puddle Parent.

Positive, Supportive.enthusiastic. 
Passionate, collaborative and friendly ?
Uplifting, motivating and inspiring ❤